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Undertaking the Field of Neurology Essay

The field of neurology is challenging, requiring in depth knowledge about medicine, health care, and neurology. I find the field interesting because neurologists deal with cases that are highly related to functions and competencies of the human body. The nervous system serves as the command center of the human body. Thinking processes, feelings or emotions, bodily movement, the senses – all of these are attributed to the nervous system. With this in mind, one can tell that a neurologist faces a demanding and serious task.

This reason has drawn me to the field of neurology. I find that obtaining in depth knowledge about the concepts of neurology and applying gained expertise through employment is self-fulfilling. Moreover, it is highly relevant in realizing the goal of medicine because it covers extensive spheres of medicine, and that is preventing or treating conditions that are related to processes occurring in the nervous system to produce able-bodied individuals.

The extensive coverage of neurology is evident in the treatment process wherein neurologists are required to work with professionals and practitioners in other fields such as physical therapists, psychologists, medical surgeons, etc. This will not only enhance the practice of neurology by opening avenues for new techniques and approaches through collaboration with other professionals, it will also enhance my skills in communication and working with others.

Neurology is a broad field, affecting almost all the other fields of medicine. It will serve as a challenge, a learning experience, and an honor to be able to contribute to the field of neurology. Furthermore, going into the field of neurology, I know that I will be of help in helping to prevent the occurrence and provide treatment of neurological disorders, in order to influence desirable changes to individuals in order for them to experience success and become valuable members of society.

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