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Undertake a brief SWOT for Intel Essay

Reading summary
At the beginning, Intel had no distinguished trademark
Intel launched the “Intel inside” campaign to build brand awareness of their microprocessors, which has their brand kept in mind by consumers. (Intel logo) The success of bunny people series – a successful marketing campaign in 1990 2003, Centino includes new micro processor, extended battery life and wireless features. Using Media. In mid 2000s, although PC industries went down, Intel focused on new opportunities fto seek a new growth in home entertainment and mobile phones. Brainy “microprocessor company” was repositioned to “warm and fuzzy company”. Slogan “Leap ahead” replaced “Intel inside”. New Logo was created. In 2007, Intel learning series was created, which is regarded as education-friendly. Core i7 – atom Microprocessor – cutting-edge.

New campaign “sponsors of tomorrow”.
Continue to be microprocessor-focused.
1. Undertake a brief SWOT for Intel.
Intel has a large market share and it adds much value to its brand. Besides, Intel has their loyal customers throughout the world, most people are familiar with the brand of Intel. It can be discerned that the success of Intel’s microprocessor is due to its powerful team of R&D. Weaknesses

To some extent, Intel focused too much on PC, ignoring the mobile market, which is considered as a promising field. Opportunities
As can be seen, Intel kept customers as their first preference and made changes on regular basis to meet their users’ needs.

Today, customer taste changes a lot, and their preferences might shift to the other competitive products easily given that they do not get what they need. Their threats also come from other strong competitors, such as Dell and IBM etc.

2. What growth strategies should Intel pursue based on information from the case? I think Intel could focus on laptop market, because the design of thinner and lighter laptops has been the trend. Intel could take the advantage of their microprocessor technology to expand their laptop market.

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