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Understand the Role of the Social Care Worker Essay

Produce a hand-out to be used during a staff introduction for an adult social care service of your choosing. The hand-out must include:
Bi – An outline of what is meant by ‘agreed ways of working’.
Bii – An explanation of the importance of having a full and up-to-date details of the agreed ways of working.
Biii – A description of why it is important that social are workers follow guidance about the limits of their job role.

Chloe Randall

Agreed Ways of Working are:
– Written objectives that set out how you are required to work
– Legislation + Best Practice
– Benefits the Employee, Employer + Service User
– Enable you to provide a good quality of care
– Working with legal framework
– Keeping everyone safe from danger or harm

You Can Keep Up to
Date With Agreed
Ways of Working By
Attending Training,
Supervision ad
Appraisals &
Communication eg.

Agreed Ways of Working
Can Be Found in:
– Your job description
– Your Staff Handbook
– Policies + Procedures
– Service Standards
– Codes of Conduct and GSCC Codes of Practice
– Care Plans

Ways Of

They Need to Be Full and Comprehensive because they ensure consistency, prevent harm to self and others and promote well being & the cover legalisation so there are clear guidelines.

We Must Follow Guidance About the Limits of are Job Role
– Biii because:
– We must comply with company rules and regulations & legislation
– Ensure work is done properly, effectively and safely consistently & avoid duplication. To prevent mistakes leading to disciplinary action or prosecution.

Essay Topics:

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