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Understand Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health Essay

You Need to Update Your Staff Handbook to Reflect Current Employment Law Identify Three Different Sources of Information You Could Use to Enable You to do This. You could use the following to update your staff handbook either online or by telephone. Direct.Gov

Health & Safety
List Three Aspects of Employment Covered By Law
There are many aspects of employment covered by law
Minimum Wage, Health and Safety, Redundancy and Dismissal.
List Three Main Features of Current Employment Legislation Three main features of current Employment Legislation are Employment Rights, Equalities and Discrimination Law and Health and Safety Legislation. Briefly Outline Why Employment Law Exists

Employment law exists to protect you, your safety and your human rights at the workplace for example working hrs, pay, breaks, discrimination, bullying etc. If this law never existed you could be working for a nominal amount and be made to do excessive hours with no breaks or be sacked at any time for no reason. Task B

Describe the Terms and Conditions of Your Employment as Set out in Your Contract of Employment or Employment Agreement The terms and conditions of my employment are set out by advising the following. Who is employing me, when my employment commenced and my job title. Place of work, hours of work, remuneration, annual leave, sickness pay and conditions, capability and disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures, notice of termination to be given by employer and employee, pay in lieu. A Employee Handbook was also given at the time of my employment of which I signed for and all policies and procedures.

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