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Uncontrolled Blood Pressure Essay

Physical assessments including fluid balance, skin and weight Life style changes including weight and stress management

Mr. Debourg is 62 year old male. In 2013, during routine physical with his physician, he was referred to a cardiologist for further evaluation. Patient was diagnosed with high blood pressure and started on Lisinopril 10mg daily. Due to stress from work, he started having palpitation and shortness of breath. On 4/13/2014, patient started feeling hot and dizzy. When his wife noticed patient’s face was turning pale, she took his blood pressure. Patient states he’s blood pressure at that time was around 200/100, heart rate above 150. Mr. DeBourg drove himself to the hospital where he was admitted for further evaluation and tests. Angiogram showed 2 blocked arteries and he received Cardiac stent placement. Patient is now on 4 blood pressure medications and sees cardiologist every 3 months for stress test. Patient’s blood pressure is not well controlled due to lack of physical exercise, poor diet, smoking and stress. By the evidence is current diagnosis and history obtained by the patient, Mr. DeBourg is at risk for decreased cardiac output and at risk for having myocardial ischemia if his blood pressure is not controlled by life style changes.

According to Elsevier health, cardiac patients require blood pressure monitoring daily, assessment of peripheral pulses, cold clammy skin, fluid retention levels and weight (Gulanick,n.d). Nursing goals and proprieties for this patient is to maintain cardiac function by monitoring t to prevent further complications and support patient with life style changes. Mr. DeBourg will need education on the importance of exercise to improve circulation, and healthy diet plans to control his weight. Patient understands smoking and stress is contributing to his health condition but continue to smoke. Patient will need support from his spouse and children to quit smoking and engage in activities like hobby or relaxation methods. I will provide information on smoking cessation support group called The Freedom from Smoking in Las Vegas, and counseling information at perfect image for life with the nutritionist to go over his diet plans and exercise program.

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