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Uncertainty Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Uncertainty and Apprehension: A Story of a Harrowing Experience

It was 1990 when I met them. I was going around my everyday routine, having lunch by the river. Oh the view was great! I never lost my appetite whenever I sat by that stretch of cerulean water in front of me. The leaves would sway with the rhythm of the wind and I could hear the water flowing with it. It was my personal paradise…during lunch. Whenever I finish my lunch, usually composed of local pastries from the town’s bakeshop and my mom’s kolduny, I would walk back to my house. It was a long walk from the river but it was the only time I can think without any distractions. As I walk along this rocky path back…

Sport Obermeyer Case Study

1- What makes supply chain management at Sport Obermeyer so challenging? The biggest challenge Sport Obermeyer is facing is uncertainty. The demand for each of the styles is completely un-deterministic and is very hard to predict. At the same time, Obermeyer production cycle is very long which is making it nearly impossible to adapt to the market. On one hand, if the produced items do not sell, Obermeyer incurs the loss of manufacturing cost. On the other hand, if we do not produce enough of the product to meet all of the demand for it, we lose the unattained revenue and lost demand that will shift to another product. Thus in both cases, the uncertain demand is costing Obermeyer a…