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Ubiquitous Presence of Hidden Meanings in Society Essay

Without doubt symbols are all around us. While there are some which may be obviously regarded as such, there are symbols which one may not immediately acknowledge or realize. In relation to this, Berger’s example of champagne’s innate symbolism, in the context of weddings, is indeed most interesting to point out and discuss. For one, Berger’s claim that the manner in which champagne spills out when opened is symbolic of men’s climax during intercourse (1998) is certainly a logical point.

Furthermore, it is quite perplexing to find out that the other aspects of champagne, despite basically being a fine drink, may be associated with distinct meanings as well. The price of fine champagne may be considered as a symbol of how the married couple perceives the importance of their guests, pleasing them with such a drink of highest quality and value (Berger, 1998).

Of course, there are also symbols about champagne which makes it quite suitable in festive occasions wherein a long and satisfying life is commonly the theme. As Berger notes, due to bubbles actively moving throughout the drink, champagne also in part symbolizes life (1998). It cannot be said that pointing out similar examples would be an entirely difficult endeavor. The wedding ring for example is composed of a myriad of sign elements and as an entire object also embodies numerous meanings.

Occasionally, the wedding ring is made of expensive materials. While wedding rings may be gold, platinum, or even silver, having diamonds at times, the price of such materials is considered as a symbol of the worth of the marriage itself. Furthermore, wedding rings are supposedly worn by both the husband and wife as long as their marriage lasts; in this sense, the presence of the ring may be considered as an all important and ever present bond evidently maintained by the married couple.

In addition, given that the rings are of identical design, it is possible that such similarity may be regarded as a symbol of how the husband and the wife are both expected to love each other equally. Given that symbols are present even in the aforesaid contexts, it would be proper to conclude that every aspect of culture is possibly imbued with symbols and meanings. Reference Berger, A. A. (1998). Signs in Contemporary Culture: An Introduction to Semiotics. Salem,

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