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Two Superpowers Essay

The two superpowers of the 1930’s, Americans and the Soviet Union, were starting to have a few disagreements, which initiated the COLD WAR’s BEGINNING. The ROOTS OF THE COLD WAR started when the Americans and the Soviets found out they had different systems of economy. Then the Americans and Soviets started to lose trust in each other. In the Yalta Conference, Stalin promised an established “broadly representative” government and free elections in Eastern Europe and to divide Germany only temporarily into zones of occupation, but he didn’t follow through. After, the American’s needed to MEET THE SOVIET CHALLENGE, because Truman thought that the Stalin had ambitions toward world domination. He wanted to face the Soviets head on. He feared that if the US retreated to isolation the peace and welfare of the nations would be in danger. To solve the soviet challenge, the Americans felt the needed to CONTAIN THE SOVIET EXPANSION.

They created the Marshall Plan, which would provide food to famine, fuel to warm houses and factories, and jump start the economic growth. It would help them also by increasing their trade with other nations. After everything that happen the COLD WAR starts to HEAT UP. Stalin gets frustrated and wanted the East Berliners to stay in the East and not go over to the prosperous West. He blockades the roads, stops barges and blocks railways, but the Americans found a way to overcome that challenge, and used airplanes. The Americans made NATO, and the Soviets created the Warsaw Pact. Many things contributed to how the Cold War begins like, the Soviet Challenge, how Americans needed to meet the Soviet Challenge, and the how the Cold War heated up.

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