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Two of Bronfenbrenner’s Ideas Essay

If I had to choose two of Bronfenbrenner’s ideas that are examples of how my development has been influenced by the rings I would have to say for one would be my family which would be the micro system. I say my family because I am a very family orientated person. That was just how I was raised. My mom always let me know that family comes first. To this day my cousins are my best friends the first sleep over I ever went to was my cousins so it was just natural that family has been a huge impact on my development. Secondly I would have to say the exosystem because that has also played a big part of my development.

For example my mother always had me in some type of summer camp or before and after school program. I learned from those types of programs how life was lived for people other than my family members. I never knew anything about gang activities, sorieties, or anything else until I was exposed to those types of programs and they impacted my life as well as my development.

Now if I had to say which one of the influences was the strongest I would say the exosystem because since I wasn’t taught the things I learned there or being around those things it somewhat intrigued me. In my personal opinion I would say that nature has a stronger influence on the adult development because at the end of the day that is something that you were more or less born with and not changeable.


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