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TV shows Essay Topics & Paper Examples

TV Personalities

For this project, I chose the television show House. In this particular episode, Dr. House and his team of doctors face the problem of diagnosing a man who came into the ER at the hospital after fainting. There are no clear symptoms that point to a single medical diagnosis. The second part of this episode deals with House and his best friend Wilson. Wilson is in a relationship with another doctor that House doesn’t particularly like and House is determined to get his fair share of time with his friend, away from his girlfriend. I have obviously chosen Dr. House has my subject for this paper. House is a very brilliant and gifted doctor. He is also very obnoxious, overbearing,…

Family Guy

Family guy is a dysfunctional family that lives in Quahog, Rhode Island. The parents: Peter and Lois. The children: the oldest, Meg, the middle child, Chris and the baby is Stewie. Last but not least, the dog Brian. This TV show exhibits crude, adult humour. There are many different opinions on this show, many parents are ok with letting there children watch it and other refuse to do so because of the kind of humour some parents are on edge. So is family guy a negative influence on children? I believe it does have a negative influence on kids. To start the language they use, secondly the violence and actions towards each other and other and also it is a…

Culturally diverse entity

Listing down the sources of my cultural programming sure opened up my eyes to the realities that I am facing. As a person who is growing up and trying to come to terms with my identity as it interacts with the world, it is amazing to know that there are a lot of sources of my cultural programming. Although I consider my family as one of the main sources of my understanding of my own world, I realize that I am also bringing in cultural diversity to my family. As a part of the new generation of people in the world, we are different from our parents and much more from our grandparents. As such, through the technology I use…