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2.1 Demonstrate how to establish communication and language need, wishes and preferences of individual Communication is a two way process, effective communication requires individuals involved to be able to express their thoughts and messages in order to communicate with others. When dealing with children In my setting, I establish their communication need, wishes and preferences by speaking to the parent/carers to establishing the needs of the children, I also refer so the notes taken when they joined my setting it is difficult to communicate with very young children who have not yet developed their speech, I point and use exaggerated facial expressions, point to things and gestures.

Babies cry to communicate and express themselves, they will cry to express discomfort, when hungry, hurt or in need of attention, it is my job as child-minder to interpret what the baby is trying communicate and express It is much different when dealing with adults, you can speak to them directly and establish their needs and preferences, I can work out if someone cannot speak English, in this case, I ask them what language they speak or understand and try to facilitate by getting an interpreter if possible, I also use notes and simple language and words which are easier to understand in order to establish a communication avenue. It is also important to establish what formalities the client need some people like to be addressed by their last name, this should be respected. It is good establish if the client is comfortable in written communications.

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