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Turkish Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Turkish Baths

The phrase “Turkish bath” refers to a bathing facility that for many years was used by the Middle East people. Also referred to as “hammams”, Turkish baths were introduced by the ancient Middle East people. Although it was only known to the people of Middle East, the Europeans came to learn about the “Turkish bath” after coming into contact with the Ottomans in Asia. To the people of Middle East, Turkish baths play a very crucial role in their culture. The baths were considered as important places of ritual cleansing and social gatherings. In addition, they were acknowledged for their unique architecture and have a cultural significance (Cosgrove, 2001). Although Turkish baths originated from the culture of the Middle East…

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The movie Midnight Express written by William Hayes, is somehow accusatory that has shown a picture of ruthless Turkish politics at an extreme. The movie has depicted the Turkish jailors and officials as inhumane and bizarre. Hayes seems to have a dynamic personality that could be seen in the climax; where his behavior changed from a calm person to a dreadful being. Although the movie justifies the brutality of the Turkish government, yet Hayes does not sound to have guilt of the crime he has made. Smuggling is a serious crime that was not supposed to be committed, and Hayes was aware of it. The tone in the movie is constantly dark and dreadful, which indicates terror and enrage. The…