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Tungkung Langit and Alunsina Essay

The story of Tungkung Langit and Alunsina is a Visayan myth. The story revolves only in the Characters of the two Gods, Tungkung Langit as the protagonist and Alunsina for me as the antagonist. Tungkung Langit did everything as the protagonist in the story. I’m in favor of what he did in the story. I think he did his part as the husband and the protector and caretaker of the Universe. Even he drove his wife away from him just because he can’t hold his temper, he still loves her and just to know that Alunsina is wrong for what she did to him. He felt very sad and lonely and missed her wife so much. He tries everything to find Alunsina, he scattered his wife’s jewels and planted trees and flowers that maybe one day, alunsina will return. I think Tungkung Langit done everything to solve the problem they have, even he fails to gain again the heart of Alunsina. Tungkung Langit for me is Martyr of love from alunsina. As a husband he will do everything to his wife to return to his arms again. Why is it he drove away his wife?

For me he did that because he wants to show to Alunsina that jealousy is not good in a relationship. I think his relationship to Alunsina to become strong and no jealousy will hinder. He wanted to show that Alunsina has her own fault to face off. I like the Character of Tungkung Langit as a husband, a good God, but I hate because up to now he is still searching Alunsina as folks says.

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