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Tsunami Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Effects of Tsunami

* Tsunamis arrive with multiple waves, with the stronger ones typically arriving after the first one hits. Given the shape of the underwater shore, significant amounts of water get pushed upward and higher at the coast, allowing the tidal water to flow higher than it normally would. Anything that is loose on the ground gets swept up and bounced around like cork. Because water is so heavy as a mass, it can move cars, wood, metal, cement, and debris. All of this material with the force of water acts as a grinding catalyst on anything else that gets hit next by the debris waves. Vegetation Disappears * Tsunami waves are so strong they frequently uproot trees, bushes and plants from…

Awesome Tsunami Waves

A tsunami is a series of water waves caused by the displacement of a large volume of a body of water, typically an ocean or a large lake. The effects of tsunami will bring a lot of problem to the nation and community. The effects of tsunami will bring a lot of problem to the nation and community . The general cause of tsunami is earthquakes and it will makes environmental impact and destruction. Firstly,the main cause of tsunami is from the effect of earthquakes. Tsunami, also called seismic sea waves or, incorrectly, tidal waves, generally are caused by earthquakes. Earthquakes can brings volcanic eruptions following to produce a truly awesome tsunami waves . For example ,the Great Kratatau Volcanic…