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Trust Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Discretionary family trust

In the general life, wealth management is necessary on attaining a sustainable and a desired level of living standard over someone’s lifetime. Following this desire, individual persons take various steps that are aimed at ensuring the future flow of income on the effective utilization of the current levels of income and in making the necessary investments that will ensure the future flow of income. This can take an individual person perspective or as a family. This results into the formation trust funds. The trustee is the owner of the trust; however there are other participants depending on the nature of the trust. The paper is meant to compare and contrast the role, responsibility and duties of a trustee of a…

A Built-On Trust is a Trust that Lasts a Lifetime

When I was teenager, all guys who were the same as my age drove a car. They had their own cars where they can go from their homes to their schools. Naturally, I also had the same desire in wanting to drive a car. It was a natural thing to do, but my family denied me of the privilege to drive a car. I had no choice but to follow them, but still, the desire in that one simple action fueled in me. On the other hand, I did not want to be less than my friends because I have to respect my family’s opinion. One day, when my father came from work, I ran to him and greeted him. …

The Federal Government and Laissez-Faire

The period of American history from 1865 to 1900 consisted of much controversy concerning economic control. Individual enterprises fought diligently to dominate economic affairs but the government was obligated to intervene when unjust activity was apparent. It was unanimously believed, among businessmen, that the government should have very little say in economic issues, the basis for Laissez-Faire. This policy invited the rights of the public consumer to be violated. As a result of the unjust treatment by the enterprises, it was necessary for the government to step in. The Interstate Commerce Act was enacted to limit the freedom and wrongful capital gain of railways to benefit the people. The Senate passed the Sherman Antitrust Act, heavily influenced by the monopolies,…