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True Notebooks Essay

I am reading the book “True Notebooks” by Mark Salzman. It is about a teacher who teaches a writing class in a juvenile detention center. The student wrote about their life and some of the things they wrote were interesting and deep. For example one of the students wrote about hate and how it been through his life “hate taught me how to speak, hate taught me how to love, and eventually hate taught me how to hate. This kid also said that his partner was the person who changed his life because he taught him how to speak, love, and hate.

There was also a writer who who visited the juvenile detention center so he can help can learn about them . He also teaches the kids how to write and uses they’re writing for his non-fiction book. I have also noticed that most of the kids come from a dysfunctional family and had no positive role models. In this book you can also feel their emotions and the stress they would also get lonely and confused and depressed which made me feel bad since this is book is nonfiction.

On page 51 you can see a sign of negativity after pointing out that they are putting negative things into positive things “sometimes you can’t think of anything positive. All you can think about is the negative, because that is all there is in your life. What’re you supposed to write about then? ” this shows that these kids have been surrounded by bad things and were affected by them.

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