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Triceratops Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Triceratops & Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs never fail to spark interest and enthusiasm in the modern world.  The gigantic creatures which once walked the face of the earth millions of years ago have fascinated the human race for centuries.  This does not come as a surprise; the existence of such amazing, larger than life beings evokes an unparalleled sense of wonder in people.  One of the most well-known dinosaurs is the Triceratops.  This term paper aims to discuss the essential details behind the existence of the three-horned creature, from its evolution to its extinction. The Triceratops belonged to the group of four-legged, herbivore dinosaurs (Russell, 2008).  The name of the dinosaur was derived from three Greek terms: “treis”, “kerat” and “ops” (Russell, 2008).  These words…