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Trends Paper Essay

Economic trends in the human services field has been very critical to how clients receives treatment that is so necessary for their well being and how human service providers meet the growing needs of clients everywhere. Due to economic hardships, the client suffers because, quality care becomes unavailable, and with an economic crisis, most funding to the human services field are cut and this leaves the clients with hardships and less availability to the services they so need. The economic trend has to do with the funding that is available to the clients and a decision on who those clients are and how they are going to receive that funding for services. The trends in economic situations involve a variety of situations that will definitely need the assistance of human services professionals. It depends on the direction the economy is moving, to determine the direction treatment is going to take. If there is high financing, then client receives treatment or services in various areas within the community, and those that are less fortunate economically can be able to get the best possible care for their well- being.

Most people who are struggling with economic situations in a bad economy because it affects their spending and eventually leads to stress and other complications that may eventually increase their problems. It was the state of the economy that led to so many people seeking services for mental health issues, related to anxiety and depression. Economic trends in the human services field is beginning to get better within the past year, as the economy is beginning to improve, and more people can now hope for availability of funds for the services they need within the human services field.

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