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Trends Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Global Trends

As time passes by, the world encounters various changes (Lewis, 2003). What do you think would be the future course of humankind 5-7 years from now? Some changes are for the improvement and development of our living and of course, when the good are changing to the better, the bad aspects are changing to worse. The world faces a great responsibility in managing the different global trends nowadays. We will then discuss two of these trends that give us great impact and how we would be able to manage these. Trend of World Crime It is familiar information that scientific research into criminality is hindered and perhaps even in danger by its complexity (Siegel, Bunt, & Zaitch, 2003). Scientists are…

Trends in High School Athletics

In school, children are exposed to different activities such as sports, dancing and even games through their psychical education. With this subject, children are able to communicate and interact with other people through games and competitions. Also, these activities do not only enhance their physical skills but also their social skills because of the interactions that happen among them as well as the relationships formed among students and their teachers / instructors. These activities have also been a way of expressing themselves. Movements just like in a dance, they are able to portray different roles and show different strengths and power. Thus, for some, the sport, dance, or game they play help reflect who they are by means of their…

What Remains Unchanged Despite Curriculum Trends

I can’t believe it. I’m writing an academic paper without even leaving my favorite swivel chair. In front of my Dell laptop hooked to the Internet, I am able to search scholarly articles without having my feet wander. What’s good is that I don’t run out of references to use because my knowledge in Internet research gives me a reason to love online databases and be skeptic of the traditional card catalogue which I used in the past. Beside me that morning was a nine-year-old child who consulted the CD-ROM for his/her home work. It looked good to see a little child no longer having difficulty carrying the once-so-popular and hard-to-carry encyclopedia. She reminded me of my students in second…

Curriculum Trends

If we were to study the geography that was prevalent in the fourteenth century, we would be learning that the earth is flat. To stay current, curriculums should change. The rate of change is rapid today. In fact, there are some branches of science where changes take place almost every day. Changes in the curriculum go hand in hand with the speed of technological developments. Some developing countries have already started promoting education through sophisticated computers and advanced telecommunications systems. This reshapes the entire schooling system and the objectives of learning. In this paper, I shall discuss the curriculum change that is likely to take place in the next ten years and will put forth the reasons for the change….

Curriculum Trends

The whole job of a teacher centers on the facilitation of learning for every child that comes into his/her care or class. The preparation to reach that stage when he/she is established enough in the rigors and demands of the teaching profession is obviously and acceptably lengthy and comprehensive. That is the reason also that teachers must take eventually a teacher’s licensure examination to ensure that those “manning” the classrooms are at a minimum knowledgeable of the weight, strain and toll on the professional in a world that he/she has entered. Definitely it starts with a thorough understanding of the kind of audience or clientele that a vocation specializes. In teaching therefore, knowledge of the nature of the child (referring…