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Trend Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Present Social Trend

The world today is experiencing a dynamic movement towards time and development. Gone are the days when the slow process of progress is still accommodated in the economic, cultural, social, scientific and physical world. Even the way people earn their living always needs proper upgrading since technological advancement related to it is growing fast. The primary tool to make both ends meet is education. An educated person is more likely to be resilient in the changing world compared to those who are uneducated and even poorly educated. The very reason why people experience poverty is lack of proper education to meet an employer’s needs in terms of skills and educational attainment. Hence, a successful person is the one who is…

The immigration trend

In the past six years the immigration trend of Dominicans in Puerto Rico have saw an upward surge, both documented and undocumented ones. Although most of what gets into the news are those who have come to Puerto Rico through illegal means and of which many have perished or have been compromised. This influx of Dominicans to Puerto Rico has been attributed to the economic crisis in their country but no singular reason has been identified at present. At present the number continues to rise and legal actions against illegal Dominican immigrants have also been intensified but the smuggling and illegal passage continues. According to wikipedia. com, “immigration is the act of moving to or settling in another country or…