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Transitional Curriculum in Aesthetic Teaching Essay

According to the author, teacher self-efficacy is a belief in one’s self to organize and execute actions for the students to learn. He presented the abstract which he himself doing it for the past two decades of teaching. The objectives of the study is to validate the writer’s voice of teaching experience based on Albert Bandura’s self-efficacy which include the objectives of finding important aspects in successful curriculum revision, determining the reasons in revising the curriculum in Aesthetic Teaching, identifying factors and analysing units in book revision including approaches and methods, and generate success stories of the revised books had to clients as well as proposing plans to upgrade the teacher’s attitudinal change.

Short literature review focuses on the past learning concepts and theories that supported his studies with emphasis on progression, curriculum realignment. Qualitative research was primarily used in his studies with grounded theory, content analysis, descriptions, and narratives from verbal testimonies as primary methodologies with the use of simple percentages and ranks. The reasons in writing his books were categorized into three themes of personal regard, professional stewardship, and social responsibility.

CHED Competencies, PRC/LET Competencies and NCBTS domains were the factors in a series of revisions. The author believed in his studies and came up with the good and sound results and concluded that any action initiated is mandated by the school, writer’s personality and experiences with others, client’s needs and feedbacks, trends and curricular standards, and philosophical frameworks determine self-efficacy in whatever curriculum decision undertaken. He also concluded that revised books had contributed to a non-stressful learning environment as a threshold for student’s academic freedom that enhanced career performance.

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