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Transition Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Transition from clinician to educator

As a clinician, there are inbuilt skills of confidence and human interactions that would be useful in adapting to the educational environment. There would have been research papers, seminar presentations and even of medical and other health science students in the hospital. These skills are inherent in a clinician, and would be of immense use in the ‘classroom’ as an educator[Hudson, 1993]. However, there are additional skills and requirements that are important when making this transitions fro being a clinician to an educator from a teaching-learning perspective, these include teaching training in such principles C. I. P. A as: Communication; the teacher is expected as simple and loud as possible to the listeners. This involves using looking at the students,…

Change Management Model Paper

In order to evaluate organizational change, it is crucial to understand the models of organizational change. Change models can reveal the compelling forces of change, what will happen, and how it will happen. It is sometimes difficult to find a model that best fits the nature of the organization. However, the use of any change model is beneficial because it offers a guideline to follow and predict the presumed results of the change initiative (Mento, Jones, & Dirndorfer, 2002). While there are many change management models, a few of the well-known models are: Lewin’s change management model and Bridge’s transition model. This paper will discuss Lewin’s change management model and Bridge’s transition model. Within each change model, it will address…