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Train Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Train Surfing in Indonesia

Train surfing is practised by many over various countries in the world. It involves riding on the outside of a moving train, and is considered illegal in many countries, but not all. The illegality or acceptance of the act is dependent on the demographics of the country, with it being considered a norm in the more destitute societies of the world (Nazam, 2010) , some of which consider it illegal, and an antisocial behaviour, and criminal activity in prosperous countries. The behaviour is innately dangerous and is associated with many risks including electrocution, falling and being crushed by the moving locomotive, all of which ultimately result in critical injury or death (Wisegeek, 2012). Despite these risks, and attempts to discourage…

River Thames in London

This Summer I am planning to go to Europe for my summer trip. Before going, I have yet to decide whether to make my trip by boat or by train. Although both of them are a very good mode of transportation, I am hesitant about which one I would take on my vacation. I plan to see as many places in Europe as much as I can. Europe is a continent rich in history and culture and has great places to see and things to do and I am wondering which one would give me the better way to experience, enjoy and to make the most out of my trip. Trains are arguably the safest and most comfortable way to…

Compare and contrast Maroubra anh Kogarah

Maroubra and Kogarah are beautiful suburbs of Australia. Neither provinces are national capital nor commercial centres. However, each has prominent features. This report will compare and contrast the location, population, housing, sevices of these two provinces. Maroubra is a beach suburb nearby Sydney which is located 10 kilometers south-east of the central business dictrict while the residential suburb-Kogarah is slightly farther than Maroubra, about 14 kilometers. The population of these suburbs are extremely different, Maroubra has twice as much population as Kogarah. The population of Maroubra is 26.500 while Kogarah is 10.900. The propoution of the largest age group from 20 to 39 years old in Maroubra is 33 percent whereas this age group in Kogarah has only 31 percent….

Why trains are the best way to travel

WHEN you travel long term you have plenty of time to ponder the big questions. Maybe that’s why philosophy and travel go so well together. You finally have the time to really think about what the hell Confucius and Plato were trying to get at… Maybe that’s why I also love to travel by rail. Above all other forms of long distance transport, trains are my favourite. I’m comfortably sitting, watching a frozen landscape of farmland, forests and tiny villages fly by my window. Drifts of snow rise and fall like endless frozen waves as skeletal trees scratch at the sky across the distance, disappearing over the horizon, as the sun sets in a radiant arc of crimson fire. The…