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Traffic law Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Traffic Law

In 2013 everyone is talking about traffic laws, many people believe that extremely details traffic laws and the fines related to disobeying those laws will help make a new community safer. On the contrary, I believe that we should enforce the existing laws not make new ones. Some people think that we need more detailed laws to protect ourselves. In my opinion, adding details to existing laws is not productive. Right now we have so many laws, we don’t know them all. We have more law than we need. Why would we want to complicate existing laws? For example, if people only force on add laws, and they don’t care how many laws they can remember and use in their…

Raising the Driving Age

Earning a driver’s license is a most important event for most young Americans. Sixteen is the minimum age at which Indiana teenagers can obtain a driver’s license. How can anyone say that rising the driving age would be favorable to the general community? While it is true that the amount of car accidents involving teenagers is notably higher than the number involving the older portion of the population, that is still not a likely reason for declining fifteen and sixteen year olds the right to drive. Some people might say, “Most sixteen year olds do not have the experience it takes to be in control on the road.” How can one become experienced without practice? There would be so many…