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Traditional Classes and Online Classes Essay

What is your thesis statement? Traditional class and an online class offer three interesting points of similarities and differences in the area of environment of classroom, teaching instruments, and communication to the students. Introduction-Today, an online classes and traditional classes are two choices for students. Sometimes students are confused about deciding which class is better for them to take. II. First main point: area of environment of classroom

a.Supporting details – The classroom environment in traditional class is different from the one in an online class. Subdetails – Traditional classes are in stationary buildings, set days, and set times that cannot be moved. Distractions are minimal if any and lectures are long for hours at a time. b. Supporting details – online classes can be taken at any time or place by means of a computer with internet connection. Subdetails – Online classes can be disturbed by noise of family members and noise from the television or radio. III. Second main point : learning instruments in the traditional class and online class have a different way of educating a. Supporting details – a traditional class the student has to write all assignments down and some teachers add more assignments at their discretion Subdetails – Some materials you have to bring to school every day b. Supporting details – traditional class has evolved as of teachers have projectors to show the PowerPoint programs Subdetails – on the contrary, have all assignments posted

Conclusion : Technology in traditional class has evolved as of teachers have projectors to show the PowerPoint programs or other computer programs to the class. Online classes; on the contrary, have all assignments posted for your review. “Because online classes are so text-based and often lack visual cues, every aspect of the course has to be spelled out in detail to avoid misunderstandings.

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