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Trade union Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Trade Union

TRADE UNION Employees association constitutes one of the stakeholders in IR. These associations are popularly known as trade union .Trade unions are not mere striking and negotiation on behalf of workers. Their role is much wider. Union for example may make their presence felt in recruitment and selection. They may also decide who is to be hired and under what conditions. Union can also play an important role in deciding who is to be promoted, given a new job assignment, sent for training, terminated or laid off. And the role of union in IR is too well known. IT is, therefore, essential that we discuss the nature of union, why employees join union, present state of unions, their trends and…

Stakeholders: Co-operative Group

Employees Employees are people that work for Tesco Plc in the exchange of a living wage/salary. In order to work at their best, these employees want security; they want promotions and rates of reward for their hard work. If the employees do not get what they want, their job efficiency and productivity will decrease as they think they are not motivated to do the job. Tesco’s employees are very important for the business as there are around 500,000 and they can influence the success of Tesco by their productivity and efficiency in the job. Employees express their point of view by doing anonymous surveys. Employees are the people that work for the organisation for a living wage. These employees want…

Grievance Procedure

This document forms a template for organisations to compose a policy for Grievance. The working is largely standard but there is the opportunity for organisations to personalise the policy. This document is divided into three columns 1. Heading: for each sub section of the policy 2. Explanation: why the section is there and what it should contain 3. Section content: contains the wording to be used in the policy which can be added to/adjusted according to the needs and practices within the organisation. Instructions: Once you have completed content in the third column (headed ‘Section Content’), you can delete this introduction and the middle column (writing is in blue) leaving you with you policy. Some organisations may prefer a different…