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Toys Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Toys and Games

The Toys and Games industry is one of the most adaptable and creative enterprise businesses that outlined a wide scope of products for younger children as well as slightly older children. An increasing market of children toys and games have grown over the last several years to producing intriguing products that satisfies parents both on prices and technology. The toy and gaming industry has grown to produced extraordinary entertainment products as well as brand identity to solidify the company’s brand equity (Kelly, 2000:08). For instance the Mattel and Hasbro company brands contributes to the enormous consumer interests to toys and gaming system in the United States, China, and U. K. that created fierce competition with corresponding international company brands. The…

Lego Case Study Report

The Lego Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. For years of development, Lego has achieved the transition from a carpenter’s workshop to a global enterprise. Its Lego brick has been named the ‘toys of the century’ twice and greatly contributes to the company’s stable growth. Nevertheless, Lego struggled mightily in the early to mid-2000s. Sales dropped 30 percent in 2003 and 10 percent more in 2004, and the company was destroying about $337,000 in value every day (Oliver, Samakh and Heckmann 2007). How could such a seemingly successful toymaker suffer severe financial difficulties and almost stand at the brink of bankruptcy? One prominent problem behind its crisis is Lego’s over-diversification and over-expansion in its product portfolio and…

Mattel and Toy Safty

In 2007, the Mattel toy company recalled around 20 million of its toy products do to contamination of lead in the paint and safety issues dealing with parts of its products (magnets) that was manufactured in China. The Mattel Company is considered the “global leader’ in toy manufacturing with over 30,000 people employed in over 40 countries and operates in more than 150 countries. The Mattel Company faces the dilemma a lot of companies face when using overseas manufacturing. If not closely monitored, they can and will cut corners which could put the company at risk. Who is responsible for the safety of children’s toy and who should be held accountable? An Analysis of the Mattel case study should reveal…