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Toyota Essay

1. In what is Toyota’s new product development system designed to serve customers? “New products are assigned to a chief engineer who has complete responsibility and authority for the product from design and manufacturing through marketing and has direct contacts with both dealers and consumers.

2. In what ways is Toyota’s manufacturing system designed to serve customer? In Toyota’s manufacturing system, parts and cars don’t get built until orders come from dealers requesting them. In placing orders, dealers essentially reserve a portion of factory capacity. The system is so effective that rather than waiting several months for a new car, the customers. “We have learned that universal mass production is not enough,” said the head of Toyota’s Tokyo Design Center. “In the 21st century, you personalize things more to make them more reflective of individual needs.”

3. How does Toyota’s personalize its cars and trucks to meet individual customer needs?

4. In its price ranges, how do you think Toyota cars stack up against the competition?(You can check out all of its models at

5. How has the internet changed the way consumers shop for and buy cars?

1. What is the role of stock market in the financial system?

2. Discuss the role of financial intermediaries in the saving investment process?

3. What specific role do the commercial banks and the rural banks play in the Philippine Financial System?

4. What are the possible variations in the basic financial investments?

5. What alternative intervention mechanisms are available to the government if it wants to influence the direction and operation of the financial system?

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