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Tower Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Twin Towers

When waking up in the morning we never know what the outcome of our day will look like, weather it’s the same routine of a daily basis. Never in a million years would we think that our workplace will become a place in where history would changed. We know that September 11, 2001 became a day that changed both this nation and the people. The real question here is, Did the fall of the Twin Towers mark the moment of terrorism in America; or have previous events been the calling to attack America? Over the years there have been significant terrorism attacks. By looking at pervious attacks it shows us how the changes in terrorism are carried out and shows…

Investigatory project

Abstract Extreme heat particularly during summer has physiological and psychological effects on humans. The occurrence of extreme heat in our surroundings is a current problem that caused by gradual devastation of our environment. This led the researchers to develop an eco-friendly device that can contribute to the solution to this problem. This study determined the efficiency of the improvised eco-friendly evaporative air cooler in conserving electrical energy consumption and in reducing room temperature in relation to time, and amount of ice cubes. The materials used in the construction of this improvised evaporative air cooler are plywood, insulation foam, dynamotor from discarded toy cars, electric fan blades from CD case and UTP cable wire. Electric energy consumption of the improvised air…