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Tour Packages Essay

This business is plan builds as a provider the needs of the traveller. And it is titled as a “GO TRAVEL AGENCY”.This business plan is written as an operational guide for internal management as well as to reveal Go travel agency investment opportunity for financial investor. This business show that : 1) a significant company opportunity exists when analyzing the current market demands and competitive landscape; 2) the management team set in place is well-qualified to execute on a comprehensive operational,ticketing and documentation plan; and lastly 3) the right capital structure will serve and help agent to complete their needs to proceed their destination and were gonna serve for a long lasting, profitable business. GO travel agency is an eco-friendly agency that will provides guests with an opportunity to fulfill their needs with an easy process. established in 2012 ,the travel agency is located in the city of Masbate, which is considered as rural area on the front of pier property, with just a five-minutes walk from the agency.

Masbate is located in the visayas of region-IV.which is also needs to build a business like these tour packages where tourist can commit their wants. and GO agency is the very exclusive with that features on the go processing the documents, giving information, provides accommodation and car rentals to complete their vacation. GO travel agency has a good quality when it comes to a place. GO travel agency’s employees is well-trained. So it will be good as a provider and entertainer to an agent and through that the traveller are not going to wait for a long hours or just waiting for an wasting time. Travel agency also introduced more promotion from a bulk. Currently,Go travel agency offers three guest rooms.

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