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There are totally free essay resources online that are designed to provide professionally written papers for those who are in need of essay-writing help or inspiration. These sites provide papers that are written in any style, with proper word usage, grammar and sentence structure. The essays are written to the style of the desired topic and also provide a list of citations, an annotated bibliography, or a complete literature review depending on the subject material of the essay. Some of the free essays available online were once published by famous writers while others available were submitted by students and writers from around the world.Finding free essays online is not difficult and most often, does not require a membership or fee. Many online essay services features a premium plan which requires users to purchase each essay, although there are free resources as well that feature the same type of essays and categories at no cost.

Using essays in full when writing an educational paper is considered plagiarism, so it is important to review one’s rights and the reasons for using the essay services before doing so to avoid consequences.123 Help Me is one website that is dedicated to education and helping others with their papers and essays for both high school and college level classes (www.123helpme.com). Although 123 Help Me features essays that are for sale and are not completely free, they also have an entire section of essays to download for free without registering as a member.

Another website for finding free research and essays is Anti Essays (www.antiessays.com). Anti Essays currently offers all of the uploaded documents and essays for free to all members of the site. Members of Anti Essays are not required to pay a fee but are required to donate an essay or a paper for others to view before their membership is granted. More reference links: www.123helpme.com www.antiessays.com

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