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Total Quality Management Essay

Quality has become a significant element among the competitive factors in the operations system. Quality is now recognized as a powerful strategic weapon, enables the organization to continually sustain in a global competition.

Quality can improve operation management by emphasizing the operation management to focus on producing product that is fit for the purpose of the users, based on Juran’s view of quality. The issues of quality is defined by Deming as to produce product that is satisfy to the needs of customers, who plays an essence role in production system. To meet both of the issues of quality, operation management may employ Quality Function Deployment, which is part of the Company Wide Quality Control in Japan under a strict Japanese Industrial Standard, and is refer as the “voice of the customers” used to translate customers’ expectations in term of specific requirements, into instructions on how a product should be developed. Dr Mizuno, the Professor of Tokyo created the QFD system and was first applied in Mitsubishi, Heavy Industries, Ltd, in Kobe Shipyard, Japan in 1972.(Yoji Akao, 1990).

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