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Toshiba Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

For so long, businesses tend to overlook the repercussions of their actions. They are so focused at maximizing the potential profits and minimizing the costs that the negative environmental, economic and social impacts of their operations are not considered. Nowadays, in an era wherein citizens are looking at the morals of companies, CSR or corporate social responsibility initiatives are the new trend regarding business ethics. Companies set up foundations and the like to create and implement CSR programs to show that they are also concerned about our society and the world that we live in. The reports on corporate social responsibility by Hewlett Packard and Toshiba are the ones that are going to be looked at in this paper. Both…

Toshiba Corporation

1.0 Introduction Toshiba Corporation is the organization that has been selected for this assignment. This assignment is divided into three parts, question 1, question 2 and question 3. In the first question the company’s Current Market, Strategic Grid, Porter’s 5 Forces and Transformation Graph has been discussed. The second question regarding the acquisition of new information for Toshiba has been suggested and concluded according to the new information system acquisition. 2.0 Company Background The name Toshiba was adopted in 1983 replacing Tokyo Shibaura Denki as the companies’ official name. The organizations main objective was creating the World’s First and World’s Number One products and services to overcome amid global competition and become an even powerful global contender. Toshiba Corporation continues its…