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Toronto Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Green Roof in Toronto

World population which is 6. 7 billion now is expected to reach 9 billion in another 40 years time. In the mean time it is also expected with the standard of living improving every where the increase in population will cause the demand for energy to grow by a factor of two. Hence the search for new sources of fuel to meet these needs is already on. The area that needs our attention is improving the efficiency of energy usage. There is a need to use available technology to improve crop yields, to improve process efficiencies for producing manufactured goods at lower costs and also to provide better insulation for buildings to reduce energy losses. A focused approach in improving…

Benefits of Learning in a Diverse Environment in Toronto

Toronto,Canada has been one of the most multicultural cities in the world and has attracted thousands of immigrants and foreign students each year mostly from Asian and European countries (Toronto, 2007) Due to the popularity of the city to foreigners as well as the prestigious schools it has such as the University of Toronto and the York University, students from different parts of the world have been attracted to study in the city. Universities have been offering a diverse learning environment, offering curriculum, facilities, and learning resources including professors and instructors that address the needs of and accommodate the growing number of foreign students and immigrants in Toronto. A diverse learning environment offers various benefits to students regardless of culture…