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Topic Sentences Essay

Actually, that is a great strategy. Writing the body of a paragraph will help you focus on the main idea you are trying to convey and it will help you summarize that main idea into a topic and concluding sentence. You might want to review the Topic Sentence information in the CWE. Take the quiz as many times as you feel necesary. After reviewing the Topic Sentence information at the CWE, notice that topic sentences can be either the first or last sentence in a paragraph.

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of each placement? Please point to specific reasons as you explain your response. I have taken the quiz about 10 times now and cannot seem to score above a 70%. I have the most problem identifying the topic sentence when it is not the first or last sentence in a paragraph. The advantage of having the topic sentence at the beginning of a paragraph lets the reader know what the paragraph will be about right from the start.

The disadvantage for having a topic sentence placed first might be that it would have more impact if it were placed elsewhere. The advantage for the topic sentence being the last sentence of a paragraph is that you don’t have to come up with a concluding sentence. I believe the disadvantage for the topic sentence not being the last one is the same as the disadvantage for it not being the first one: it might be more effective somewhere else in the paragraph.

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