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Tools Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Tool Control

Growing up my Father always loved to have my sister and I participate in home improvement projects. While we were less than joyous to help, we always ended up learning something whether it was a new skill or technique to develop our work ethic, we were always hands-on. My father’s favorite thing to say at the completion of a successful project was, and probably still is, “the job isn’t done until everything is put away”. Saturdays were not for biking with friends or going to the movies with girls, for years during my childhood these afternoons were reserved for building hand-crafted cedar chests or fixing boat trailers with my father. We would work outside in the beaming sun for hours…

The tools of the early civilization

The tools used by hunters-gatherers in order to survive within their environment are undeniably more primitive than those of the farmers. Born in a period when the benefits of technology and advanced industrialization were not yet present, the hunters-gatherers simply relied on bow and arrow and spears which they themselves made. Most of the time, these tools were only made by wood and trunks of trees which they only gathered around their surroundings. These tools are what they use in chasing for food. They also hunt stray animals for them to have something to cook. They also obtain fruits and other edible plants along their itinerary. The simplistic way by which these tools were constructed accounted for the kind of…