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Tony Chachere’s original CREOLE Seasoning Essay

The product brand I prefer to use over any other seasoning is Tony Chachere’s original CREOLE Seasoning: it has less sodium than salt and Lawry’s seasoning. Morton Lite Salt has 50% less sodium than the regular table brand, but the flavor in Tony Chachere’s enhancing the meat; it brings out a red pepper flavor that is consistent with cayenne pepper, and chili powder. The red pepper and cayenne pepper are two good product that also help with obesity, they actually speeds up your metabolism, that’s why you sweat sometimes when you over spice.

Contemplate and categorize why another individual would not purchase this product and/or service.

The reason why a lot of people don’t or won’t use this product is because of the overwhelming red and chili pepper flavoring that’s added in the product. Most people use products that are more traditional than a creole seasoning, like a meat tenderizer, black pepper, and Regular salt. Chef’s would consider it’s cheating to use an already mix blend seasoning, because they tend mix their own. Some customer’s major complaint is the seasoning to too salty.

Explore how marketers could ethically reach out to the non-customer and fully convert them into customers without losing their current customers (you included).

Fundraising is a ethical way to pursue you client, many companies use the kids in the school, like athletics, if the company won’t to help with uniforms or be a sponsor for a high school that would be one good way, set up food stations in grocery stores, and invite customers in those market you pick to try and compare as you prepare food. In today’s time blog’s, Facebook, and twitter is one of the most current and quickest form of reaching out to other consumers.

Consider the portfolio of products for your particular branded product.

Tony Chachere’s is considered as Business product: The category of other food additives which are sold in grocery stores in a variety of products having the same mix. The product portfolio would consist of seasoning and food additives with a broad product mix for kitchen use. (Ferrell, O. C. 2011)

Additionally, discuss the strategy necessary to implement the ethical marketing to non-customers.

The process of product strategy, pricing strategy, Distribution strategy, and promotion strategy are still the best avenues of implementing to non-customers. The product will have to attract and be introduces to a certain group of consumers, All these items in the same basic portfolio would have to be price in marketable fashion to catch the attention of the consumers. (Ferrell, O. C. 2011)

Ferrell, O. C. (2011) Marketing Management Strategies. South-Western, Cengage Learning.

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