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To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance Essay

As a childcare provider, I help children gain a sense of self by labeling their cubbies with their photos, names, and birthdates. I help them recognize and pronounce their names. I include activities and books about different cultures and different home environments. I provide activities that they are capable of completing and materials that are age appropriate, I encourage children to share stories about their family. I ask them about their family, culture, and gender, I respect and recognize their emotional and physical needs. I help them with activities if my help is needed. I show empathy toward their feelings. I encourage them to talk about their feelings, and how they are different, and give them appropriate ways to express them. Whether they are sad, mad, or stressed. I comfort them. I respect if children have different religions and find ways to get them to participate in activities. I encourage them to be independent, to serve themselves, use the restroom, put things back where they were, and to care for their classroom environment. I first show them how to clean, and then have them do it.

I encourage positive social interactions and emotional development by having children participate in activities that involve teamwork. I provide activities that require children to cooperate. I help children respect others, and the materials. I encourage children to help out other children. I help them to understand that other people have feelings, and to respect them. I encourage children to make friends and work together. I help shy or aggressive children to play and engage appropriately with others.

To have a safe, fun, comfortable environment I model good behavior, and leadership, sharing with others, and patience. I give positive directions, and explain the rules, and if needed demonstrate. I allow children to solve their own situations, and I help when needed. I keep my self aware if anyone has medical conditions or any other problems affecting their classroom participation, which need tending to. I enforce rules to keep them safe. I supervise all areas of the classroom.

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