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To establish and maintain a safe, healthy, learning environment Essay

In my family day care my goal is to make sure all children from 0-5 years old who attend KDM Day Care have a safe environment to learn and play, keeping my Day care safe is prevent or reduce injuries while children are in my care. It is an important goal for me to make sure that I check the child care environment every day inside and outside checked the room completely. outside, I check to be sure that there are no rusting equipment before children arrive.

Another way I make sure that outlet plugs are in place, no dangerous objects or broken toys in the child care space, check all smoke/carbon alarms make sure they are up to date and working properly. we practice Fire/Tornado drills once a month. All emergency numbers posted including poison control center, provider and parents numbers They are being taught that using safety skills is important. I always make sure where they are and where I can see and hear them, even when they are napping. My goal is to have a safe and happy environment for my children and others to play and learn.

My goal is to teach the children who’s in my care the important of healthy habits of good nutrition of healthy body and to have good oral hygiene, proper hand washing and help the children built their good sense to prevent the spread of germs in my day care.

To keep the children well being I make sure that I wash my hands before and after changing diaper, before and after handling food or bottles, when I help a child use the toilet if I come from outside my hands are dirty I make sure I wash and use sanitizer help children to wash their hands at a similar times, make sure all toys are clean also sure everyone have their own separate bed and I wash and sanitize bedding weekly. I also believe that children need to be feed healthy and proper foods therefore my day care belongs to the USDA food program and I serve good vegetables and a lots of fruits. At B/F & Lunch time I always sit and eat with them to teach them good eating habits.

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