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Thy Womb Reaction Paper Essay

Thy Womb is a film that is worth watching for. This film indeed tells the reality of living. The reality in which people do have different cultures as well as their way of living that was affected by the things or events in their surroundings. This reality is also experienced by us in our lives but in different circumstances. For myself, as I watched this film confusion did take place but when I finished this film somehow everything just turned out to be connected with the vision and the objective of the director Mr. Brillante Mendoza as he tells this film with a third-person point of view. This film is indeed interesting as its story is about Muslim Culture that is rarely shown to public. It shows the rich culture of Muslims that is unknown to public also the unfortunate side. Shaleha, the character portrayed by Nora Aunor is indeed the most interesting for me.

It’s very unusual to see a wife go searching for another lady to be his husband’s second wife. Shaleha truly shown that her love for her husband, Bangas-An, was fascinating. She has gone to some hardships just by knowing that her husband might really turn his back to her. This film was actually caught in Tawi-tawi, one of the southernmost parts of Philippines, which have become infamous for being the site of warring government and the Muslims terrorists. This is a great place for the film to be taken especially featuring the beautiful sceneries, and some of the very unusual events to be seen by public. Such elements were truly important for the film makers to make this film as at it was.

Within this film, such values were essentially portrayed, like the undying love of Shaleha to her husband Bangas-An, the couple’s faith and persistence to really make it up to the dowry required by the other family is strongly portrayed as the couple willingly sell their things and asked help from the other communities. The people within this film or rather the Muslims has this will to follow their tradition behind the crisis at the same time ignoring this then continuing their celebration. It is also amazing to know that there are still some who lives such a simple life behind all those modernized things now. The way this film end really is something as the director choose this film to end like a cliffhanger to let the viewers think of how might this movie end and that is an element of this film that makes it special amongst the rest cause it also leaves something into the viewers minds.

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