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Three Things That Are Just Wrong Essay

In the “The Good Society”, Goodman, challenges relativism, in presenting the debate, that there are some things that are just wrong, no matter what. In other words, we are all held to a universal moral requirement. No matter what race, religion, ethnic background, sex, financial status we hold, or political stance, we as a human may be, or hold, we all have a moral duty to fulfill as human beings. Not only to ourselves, but to each other as well. Which points out one of the three main things Goodman suggests our human right to life. Goodman suggests murder is wrong because it destroys a human subject. Warfare, which is murder, is not always wrong: it may be necessary to protect such subjects, accordingly to Goodman in “: The Good Society”. He also suggests a power built in violence will not last, as history has shown, and logic has explained.

An example of this is Hitler. In “The Good Society”, Goodman suggests in-human use of humans is wrong. Some examples of in-human use of humans would be to sell another human, also referred to as human trafficking. Slavery is an example of human trafficking. Among traffickers are small gangs, crime syndicates, and drug cartels. Sweatshops are an example of a place where one would end up after being sold. Goodman suggests incest, polygamy, rape, and terrorism is morally wrong. Goodman offers birth defects among incest to support his theory.

Terrorism exploits the sanctity others give and human rights, manipulates a media appetite for sensation, blackmails, and democracies, intimidates civil population, re-routes tourists, and sends aid workers packing, according to Goodman in “The Good Society”. I concur with Goodman that some things are just wrong, no matter what. I think there are some things that should not be tolerated or culturally accommodated, like expected in realism. I seem to find myself agreeing with Goodman in all areas of morality.

Goodman, L.E. (2010) Some Moral Minima “The Good Society” 19 87-94

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