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Threat Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Is Green House Gases And Global Warming A Real Threat?

Human beings are about to encounter the worst catastrophe apart from the bubonic plague which characterized the middle ages. This threat is the global warming. So many people are still on the debate on whether global warming is taking place and also on the potential effects it has on the environment. However, most scientists and researchers are in agreement that, global warming is already taking place and it is going to increase uncontrollably in future. The world leaders have an option to view it as a real threat to the existence of man or decide to ignore it to the detrimental of the human race (Phil, par 1). Though some have doubted the existence of green house gases and global…

Terrorism Threat Analysis

Abu Sayyaf, the terrorist group that erupted in 1989, is a breakaway group from the Moro National Liberation Front. Their name really means “bearer of the sword,” which was under the leadership of Abdujarak Janjalani on its first recourse (Niksch, 2002). Primarily, the emerging groups in the Southeast Asia had a religious motivation concerning acts of terrorism. In its sense, more groups committed to their spiritual belief have negotiated unity of its members towards acts of terrorism in response to political and social alterations. At first, ASG’s linkage was to a Muslim Fundamentalist movement called Al Islamic Tabligh established in the 1980’s. ASG ultimately calls its members in one goal, targeting southern Filipino Christians. This objective clearly manifests its connection…