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Things to Know About Volleyball Essay

One thing that I didn’t know about volleyball was that in 1895 William G. Morgan invented it. I also didn’t know that Volleyball has the skills of Baseball, Handball, and Tennis. Two things I already knew were how to spike and serve. Two things I already knew how to do were how to spike and serve. One more thing I didn’t know was how to jump serve.

hits then without exercising.

This book is based on both facts and how you would play the game. The way the author uses facts is by on page 54 it tells you step by step how to do a back set. The way I can tell the difference between the author’s presentation or fact and inference is by in all of chapter one it gives you some facts on how the game first started. One of the facts is that in 1895 William G. Morgan wanted to invent a game that had the skills of baseball, handball, and tennis. Thus inventing Volleyball.

Five items you would put in a timecapsul would be:

1. A volleyball because that’s what the book is all about.

2. Tips on How to Play the game so that if someone in the future knew how to play already they could have tips to become better player’s.

3. A list of warm-ups and exercises to do to play the game better cause your have better 4.I would also put in a list of steps that you should do to know how to spike because bumping, setting, and spiking are the three main ways to get the ball over the net.

5.I would also put in a list of Volleyball Talk words because they would be good to have so when you play the game and use the words you will know what they mean and how to use them.

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