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Theories of Personality: Giving in to Peer Pressure Essay

Peer pressure is one of the challenges faced by students everywhere. Students have different reactions towards peer pressure. The personality of the student affects how he or she copes up with this kind of pressure. Likewise, peer pressure can greatly influence the student’s personality and behavior. Many factors can explain why students give in to peer pressure. A student who is unable to resist giving in to peer pressure could mean that he or she unconsciously wants to do want his/her peers are doing.

This is according the theory of Early Psychoanalysis. In this theory, unconscious forces are the main determinants of a person’s behavior. A student is driven to give in towards what the peers are doing because this is what the unconscious mind tells him/her to do. The environment or external force (the peers) are not the main factor, instead it is the inner desire of the person that has been developing as the student grows up. Using the Social Psychoanalysis, the student gives in to peer pressure to have a security and acceptance from his/her peers.

The environment is very important in this theory. One needs to belong in an environment, to be loved and be part of a group or society (for a student, it is mainly the school and the peers). According to Behaviorism, the main reasons for the behavior of a person are basically to gain rewards and avoid punishments. This can explain giving in to peer pressure. The student could be rewarded by having more friends, more fun experiences and other pleasures, being part of a peer group.

On the other hand, being bullied, excluded, ignored, made fun off, are some of the so-called punishments the student may consider for saying no to his/her peers. In the Humanism approach, the student is lacking individuality or the uniqueness of his/her personality. Lacking in independence and having a weak personality, the student easily gives in to peer pressure. Works Cited [Please cite your reference book following the format below] Last Name, First Name and Initial (if given), and First Name Last Name. Title. Location: Publisher, Year.

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