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Theoretical Underpinnings Essay

Empirical studies reviewed suggest strongly that there is a strong relationship between climate change and tourism. Moreover, it is also from the review of related literature that the researcher found travel blogs to be a convincing medium through which the crusade for climate change is being carried out. Thus, the linkage between past literature and their findings and the current problem statement is clear and tight. The researcher then intends to verify awareness and advocacy about the climate change phenomenon through content analysis of green travel blogs.

Methodology The methodology is very clear and directly responds to the problems set forth by the researcher. A total of one hundred blogs were analyzed. From the analysis of these blogs, two variable reports were produced. The first one is a variable report by count, showing how often climate change is mentioned in the blogs analyzed. On the other hand, the second one is a variable report by content, showing how the argument of climate change is being framed in the blogs (i. e. positively, negatively, with cynicism, resisters, unsure, uninformed, etc).

Qualitative method, through thematic analysis, is deemed most apt for the research. Moreover, the research methodology has been adequately described, making replication possible. Results The results have been presented with much integrity. Each of the sites were presented in the results section, along with the findings for each. The findings were likewise presented in a succint and easily understood manner, allowing the layman appreciation of what is being said. Conclusion The strong relationship between tourism and climate change has been effectively illustrated by the current study.

The conclusions are both timely and relevant in that it showed that the authors of the blogs examined have recognized that the tourism industry has contributed so much to the worsening of the problem related to climate change. Moreover, the study also suggests that several tourist destinations suffer from the ill effects of climate change. All these explain to the reader why the tourism industry is often been called upon to work in order to minimize their effects on climate change and/or global warming. The most notable of these efforts is the offsetting of carbon emissions, most especially from the aviation sector of the tourism industry.

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