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Theodore Roosevelt Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Progressive Movement

Some forms of progressive movement are progressivism which embraces the widespread of many sided efforts to build a better society; scientific investigation the studies by the federal government of immigration; child labor; economic practices and social research by privately funded foundation; academic expertise to have the skills and knowledge about the problems America was facing during the 1900; pragmatism which judged ideas by their consequences; and muckraker journalists who exposed the underside of American life. During this time there were no agreed upon agenda’s nor were there any unifying organizations. Both the Republican and Democratic parties had progressive elements which caused each group to interact with different social groups with different views. This period was the beginning of the analysis…

Theodore Roosevelt’s 3 Major Contributions

Theodore Roosevelt began his presidency in 1901, and by the time he left in 1908, he had imprinted a significant mark in American history. Theodore, also known as Teddy and T.R., helped nurture a still young country into the magnificent nation it has become today. An incredible amount of work had to be completed before this transformation of a nation could be accomplished. T.R. devoted every minute of his presidency to prepare America for the turn of the century. America was indefinitely shocked by the changes the 20th century brought with it, but Teddy’s efforts helped reduce the effect of the shock. The major three contributions of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency are, in order of importance, his involvement in increasing the…

Spanish American War

In the 1890’s the United States became more aggressive and expansionistic than it had been for the past few decades. There was apparently a hunger for foreign conquest. The conflict with Spain derived mainly from the American desire to help the beleaguered Cubans with their independence from Spain. Americans wanted the war, which could well have been avoided, but they had little understanding of what the reults of the war would be. I believe American entry into the Spanish-American war was not justified. In September, 1895, came the event which changed the course of the Cuban rebellion against Spain. William Randolph Hearst, a young man of 32 who had been operating the San Fransisco Examiner, purchased the New York Morning Journal,…

The Progressive Era

The Progressive Era was a period of time when mass groups of people pushed for major changes. Some became successful while others weren’t. Many different approaches were used to try and change four areas. They were protecting social welfare, promoting moral improvement, creating economic reform, and fostering efficiency. The Progressives believed in four major principles which are demonstrated in the actions they took to support them. One objective the Progressives enforced was protecting social welfare, which they established in many ways. These groups of people wanted desperately to fix urban problems. With this mind set, the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) was founded. This association opened libraries, sponsored classes, and built swimming pools/handball courts, for the good of the city….

Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt

Within the first two decades during the twentieth century, the nation’s political view demonstrated an expanding American understanding contained in the ideas associated with the Progressive movement. This particular movement had been focused on social and economic reform, in addition to, rising in popularity underneath two presidents. Although Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson stood behind two various methods of progressive reform, each of them managed to persist upon congress to successfully pass legislation according to their own model of the progressive dream. Both of these presidents, despite the fact that they possessed completely different concepts, had one objective in mind: to make modifications towards the country for the greater good of the people as well as the country. In their…

Long Essay

Support, Modify, or Refute: The Monroe Doctrine ushered in a new era of US foreign policy The Monroe Doctrine was established in the early 19th century written by, of course, James Monroe. This document ushered in a new era of US foreign policy by stepping their foot down and showing the rest of the world how powerful they could be. This was when the US was slowly figuring out the power they could hold. This document stated that the US will not permit the following: Interfering with affairs in the Western Hemisphere, attempts to create new colonies in the Western Hemisphere, and the overthrowing of new colonies. These were said to be, “Dangerous to our peace and safety.” These statements…

American Industrialization from Civil War to WWI

Between the Civil War and the end of World War I, industrialization played an ever increasing role in the economic, social, and political development of the United States. Industrialization had a huge impact on American in all of these ways, such as many Americans moving from the rural areas to urban areas, living the big city lifestyle with Industrialization on the rise. Social Darwinism also known as Survival of the fittest took an impact during this time period, the nation was facing great changes causing many people to begin new lifestyles. People began working in factories and big buildings instead of on farms. Labor unions also were formed to protect the workers from unfair wages, long days, unsafe conditions, etc….