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The work-flow Essay

In order to reduce the overtime, skipped breaks, late arrivals, and free time indulged in by my employees; I am going to implement several strategies. First, I will construct a work-flow chart to see exactly where the job responsibilities are being delegated. Then, I will redistribute the workload between Jack Snyder, and Ruth Disselkoen, if necessary. Next, since Jack has proven capable of handling his jobs professionally and expediently, I would also like to assign him to train Ruth in his methodology. There are several reasons these solutions will be effective.

The work-flow chart will allow me to assess the work quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of Jack and Ruth. The chart will also make them aware of and accountable for their output. The redistribution of the workload will eliminate the skipped breaks and overtime, as well as, giving less time for late arrivals and extended breaks. This will result in a more efficient office while reducing cost to the company. I will continually monitor the situation to ensure the accountability of Jack and Ruth for their output.

Having Jack train Ruth will benefit both of them; in that Ruth will learn better time management strategies and Jack will have something to do with his free time. Jack will also develop a stronger sense of worth. In fact, if he proves effective at this task, he could be considered for a promotion if Jessica Hilo does not return to work. Consequently, the resulting pride in a job well done will increase productivity, quality, and efficiency, also insuring the company’s dollars are being economically spent.

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