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The Value of Persistence in Education Essay

It takes courage because there will always be someone who will try to be negative and won’t think it makes sense to be persistent. People who are not persistent can be a drag and give up easily. It also takes courage to face challenges head on with confidence and self-assurance. Being optimistic allows you to approach life with excitement and positivity. Courage allows you to keep pushing no matter what the odds and believe it will work out in the end. It is human nature to want to please other people. If a person asks another person to join a game of chess, but the person being asked doesn’t enjoy chess, they might say, “yes”, because the person being asked likes the person who asked. This makes it difficult to always stand up and do what you want.

In the video: 12 year old app developer a young boy named Thomas Suarez used the Apple software tools to create his own apps. After learning how to use the tools the he developed a few apps and was able to publish them to the app store. After becoming more experienced he made an actual game for the phone that was a Justin Bieber themed Whack-a-Mole. Wanting to expand and share his knowledge, he started an app club at school. The club educates kids on how to create apps and how to use the tools involved. He wished to further his learning by learning android programming and also to expand his app club idea to help other kids find opportunities to learn the app making process. He showed much persistence by learning a complicated process and even more enthusiasm by starting a club to educate others. He could have just kept his ideas to himself but he chose to help others and use the idea to make friends.

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