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The UK travel and tourism sector Essay

Inbound and Outbound Tourism

Outbound tourism is when you leaving the UK to travel to another country for business or leisure. Outbound tour operator is organising holidays and provides a range of discount package deals, which you can combine with accommodation, transport to the destination and ground transport such as a transfer from the airport to the hotel. The two largest tour operators are Thomson and Thomas Cook Group.

Outbound travel agents can give advice, sell and administer the booking for a number of different tour operators.7000 travel agency has been estimated in the UK, some of these agencies have multiple branches while others are independent shops. Some online travel agencies operate only on the internet and have no physical outlet on the high street for example online agencies are Expedia, Ebookers, Travelocity and Opodo.

Outbound Transport

In the UK, there are varieties of ferry, rail and airlines organisations providing transport services to other countries. The Euro star is the outbound rail for the UK, it takes passengers to France (Paris and Lille) and Belgium (Brussels). Norfolk Line is the outbound ferry company in the UK, it take passengers from Dover to France.

Supporting organisations- There are various supporting organisations that provide a regulation and promotion role for outbound tourism. Ancillary organisations- There are a variety of ancillary organisations that support outbound tourist, these include car hire and insurance companies. An example of ancillary organisation is providing travel insurance to outbound traveller can be found at GO, Columbus Direct and Direct- travel.

Inbound tourism is when a foreign tourists coming in to the UK for business or leisure Inbound Tour operator- UK inbound tour operators can organise travel service for groups of inbound tourists. After the tourists have arrived by plane, these organisations can organise transfers, accommodations, tours, interaries, events and education for them. Coach operators- Coach Operators are the first UK travel and tourism organisations used by a group of inbound tourists arriving in the UK by coach operators. They can provide a range of transport operations for inbound tourist ranging from simple airport to accommodation and transport to full tours around the UK.Many coaches provide DVD/video players, toilets, tea and coffee services.

Supporting organisation- There are many supporting organisation that operate in Britain. For example, Meet England is the official body responsible for promoting England as meetings and events destinations, venue, and travel arrangements for those organising conferences.

Ancillary organisations- As with domestics and outbound tourism, there are a variety of ancillary organisation which support inbound travel and tourism organisations, including car hire companies such as enterprise easy car and national.

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