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The Tragic Hero Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Okonkwo “Falls Apart”: The Tragic Hero

Psychology teaches us that we retain information presented to us in an emotional and compelling manner.  Facts and figures may speak to the mind, but stories speak to the heart—.the heart of individuals and the heart of humanity as a whole.  Why have books and authors endured for centuries, outlasting nearly every other form of entertainment? Books are the faithful guardians of humanity’s timeless bonds, and in their words and their images resonate core human principles.  For this reason, novels are among humanity’s most powerful history books.  Emotions are, after all, what make us human.  Who better to speak to these unstop- pable forces than tragic dramatists, who capture the universality of human emotions in their timeless “life-in-capsules”:  .their stories.  Classic masters like Sophocles and Shakespeare may have introduced…